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Anime Angel by AnimeAngel416 Anime Angel :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 0 2
Skulduggery V Pirate!PrussiaxReader
                                        Skullduggary V
     The man that came off the raft looked dazed. "Thank you so much for saving me! I was shipwrecked and stranded. In return you can have my raft if you wish." You looked at Ludwig and he sighed.
    "Okay fine, you can help the fort. But I'm going with you." He rubbed his temples.
   "Ve~ Me too!" Feli chimed in.
   "Okay men. We have a town to save." You smirked.
You boarded the rikety old raft and looked around at the small yet sufficient quanit
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 10 3
Stand out! by AnimeAngel416 Stand out! :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 2 7 FAIL by AnimeAngel416 FAIL :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 4 7
Skulduggery IV Pirate!PrussiaxReader
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 9 1
Me as an Oompa Loompa by AnimeAngel416 Me as an Oompa Loompa :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 1 3
Skulduggery III Pirate!PrussiaxReader
"Captain Beilschmidt, ve are approaching Fort Ripley."
"At ease. Thank you for telling me. I will be on deck in ten minutes." The lookout left and Gilbert turned to you closing the door. "Vell zhis is your stop."
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 15 6
Mature content
Skulduggery II Pirate!PrussiaxReader :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 27 12
Mature content
Skulduggery Pirate!PrussiaxReader :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 28 10
Mature content
When the kids are with Grandma EnglandxReader :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 263 71
Guardian Angel PrussiaxReaderxLittle!Germany
                                                   Guardian Angel
You were quite comfortable in your bed that you shared with your husband Gilbert Beilschmidt. Your face
buried in his toned chest. And his annoying snore that you had gotten used to over time was the only thing
breaking the silence.
"*snore* Kesesesese~ *snore* Kesesesesese~"
You sighed as you suddenly felt a tug at the sleeve of your nightgown. You rolled over to face your 5
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 66 60
Protect Her at All Costs 7 GermanyxReader
                                          Protect Her at All Costs 7 (end)
"Come on Ludwig!" You giggled. You were getting off the train in Berlin, the city where you lived w
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 46 37
Protect Her at All Costs 6 GermanyxReader
                                          Protect Her at All Costs 6
"Ow! Oh! Ouch!" You cried in pain. The sleeping guard woke up and shot a nasty look in your
"What? What is it?" He asked impatiently.
"See, I have a sprained ankle and it's hurting really badly. If the prison has an infirmary or something
maybe I could go there." You said breathlessly.
"Well alright, I suppose you can see the nurse." He felt around in his back pocket. "Uh oh! I can't find
my keys!
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 33 22
Protect Her at All Costs 5 GermanyxReader
                                                Protect Her at All Costs 5
Roderich and Lizy were tied to chairs, there was a man with long blonde hair unconscious on the floor,
and a man with blonde hair green eyes and large eyebrows had a good grip on Ludwig.
"Run (name)! Run for your life!" Ludwig yelled. So you made a mad dash for the door but before you could get out,
a rather large, scarf-clad man with pla
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 34 29
Mature content
Protect Her at All Costs 4 GermanyxReader :iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 45 36
Protect Her at All Costs 3 GermanyxReader
                                                  Protect Her at All Costs 3
After you had been running for a while, you stopped behind Ludwig. "Do you think we lost them?" you asked
your protector.
"Ja, I think we lost them when we hid on the riverbank. But I think we need to travel lighter. Is all of
this absolutely necessary?" He held up your bags.
"Well, no but it's all I have! Do you really think
:iconanimeangel416:AnimeAngel416 49 7


The old guy by Pharos-Chan The old guy :iconpharos-chan:Pharos-Chan 86 45 OIVANN by Pharos-Chan OIVANN :iconpharos-chan:Pharos-Chan 45 27 HURR HURR by Ozumii HURR HURR :iconozumii:Ozumii 9 14 Le Meow by Pickelbird Le Meow :iconpickelbird:Pickelbird 2 1 Isaac Log Rolling by Desert-Poppy Isaac Log Rolling :icondesert-poppy:Desert-Poppy 27 69 Chibi Prussia Diaries -035- by Arkham-Insanity Chibi Prussia Diaries -035- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 3,112 665 Chibi Prussia Diaries -014- by Arkham-Insanity Chibi Prussia Diaries -014- :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 4,521 868 coloured it! by ayachiiin coloured it! :iconayachiiin:ayachiiin 920 19 APH: German Gamer by 5Qui99L3 APH: German Gamer :icon5qui99l3:5Qui99L3 27 9 Paranoid Nuzlocker 1 by kitfox-crimson Paranoid Nuzlocker 1 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 95 173 The most interesting leavanny in the world by kitfox-crimson The most interesting leavanny in the world :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 117 121 Lazy nuzlocker 2 by kitfox-crimson Lazy nuzlocker 2 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 73 72 Fall dots by Al-Baum Fall dots :iconal-baum:Al-Baum 2,044 88 Lair by gerezon Lair :icongerezon:gerezon 6,183 185
EnglandxPregnant!Reader Stressed Out? (Commission)
Arthur's phone buzzes, stopping the click-clack sound of his finger flying across the computer's keyboard.  Glancing towards it, he sighs, and reaches for it.  Flipping it open, he says into the receiver, "Hello, this is Arthur.  Who is this?"
"Ohonhonhonhon, so you finally decided to pick up, eh Iggy~?"  The familiar voice of Francis sounded through the cellphone.
"What do you want, you bloody frog?"  Arthur sighs, pressing his fingers against the bridge of his nose.
Francis huffs, clearly irritated.  "I don't want to tell you anymore."
"You blood frog!  Tell me right now or I swear-"
Arthur's cut off by a familiar voice.  "Oh, Francis, stop teasing him."  (Name)'s voice comes through the phone.  "Hey Artie, I was wondering if you could come home early.  I...have something to tell you."  Her voice falters slightly, making Arthur's green eyes narrow.
"Is s
:icontwilightdreams56:TwilightDreams56 192 54
Prussia x Reader. Babysitter -Epilouge.
It was a sunny day with a slightly bitter breeze, as Germany usually does, and you were sitting crosslegged on the rough ground of your driveway. In front of you was your baby girl, though she wasn't much of a baby anymore. She was 4 years old, and ready to be sent off to school.
    "Okay, remember your manners," you said, zipping up her heavy and quite fluffy coat, the sound it made was 'ziiiip' and your child enjoyed frequently unzipping it, and then zipping it again. It was an odd habit, but it kept her busy.
    "Ja, ja." She nodded, her accent lightly sprinkled in German. She had your (color) hair and Gilbert's ruby red eyes. Her voice was high pitched and slightly squeaky, entirely too cute.
    You managed a soft smile, despite the nervousness that you felt. You were sending your first child out to school, and before you know it, she'll be a teenager, and then she'll get married and move out. As an adult, you regret al
:iconskitsophraniac:Skitsophraniac 144 61


Greetings DA. It's been a while. Well, for all of my watchers who probably want to stab me for not updating in so long T.T (or not, maybe you all forgot about me idfk) I'm super sorry for leaving. DeviantART got to a point where it was practically controlling my life, which obviously is unhealthy. I might update some stuff every now and then, but for the most part I'm done. I will not be finishing the Skulduggery series for those curious. Many apologies, but I lost interest in it. Have great lives everyone. I wish you all the best


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I'm interested in preforming arts such as drama/theater, band, and dancing. I'm very friendly once I get to know you. I LOVE Hetalia, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Avatar: The Legend of Korra.



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